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Art Upstairs Gallery
NJ Photography Forum Presents: "Colorific 2017"
A Study of Color in Photography

September 19th - November 7th, 2017
Reception: October 1st, 2017 3:00 - 5:00pm

Participating Artists:
Miron Abramovici, Carol Albers, Peter Allesandria, Dorothy Bellew, Ruth Brown, Jamin Chen, Ken Curtis, Paul Donohoe, Theresa Hood, Tom Judd, Marv Kaminsky, Jacek Kowalski, Parvathi Kumar, John Markanich, Lloyd Marks, Charlann Meluso, Charles Miller, Nancy Ori, Phyllis Raffelson, Lynn Ronan, Heidi Sussman, and Branch Watkins.

About NJ Photography Forum:
The New Jersey Photography Forum is a group of professional fine art photography exhibitors that was started in 1995 by Nancy J. Ori of Berkeley Heights, and Michael Creem of Summit, as an opportunity for photographers to gather and talk about their work and exhibition opportunities within the fine art community.

The group has grown over the years to become the largest and most recognized group of fine art exhibiting photographers in the state. The membership comes from all areas of the state and as a group they have tremendous variety in style and use a wide array of photographic techniques. There are several recurring themes in their work, such as: Nature, Environment, Architecture, People, Abstracts and Culture.

The monthly meetings begin promptly at 7:00PM at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 68 Elm Street, Summit. The meetings are opened with announcements of interest to the group including members' shows, future events and workshops. Members who have brought photographs to show present their work for discussion. Each presentation and discussion is given enough time to get to know each photographer and their work. Each meeting costs $5. All are welcome.

Periodically during the year, we devote the evening to special presentations by manufacturers, curators, professional photographers, experts from the fine art community, or demonstrations of new equipment or creative techniques.

In addition to our regular meetings, we offer a chance to "learn by doing" if you get involved with our Exhibition Committee headed up by Nancy Ori and assisted by Ann Merten. For those who are interested in becoming an exhibiting artist, this is a very valuable learning experience. The EC will research and select exhibition venues within New Jersey communities, and create proposals for exhibition. Once approved, the committee will decide if the exhibit will be by invitation or an open call to our membership and/or the public. The number of artists, size and number of works required, cost of the production, laying out and hanging of the works, purchase of all items for opening reception, publicity and signage, sales, and removal of the works at the end of the exhibit will all be handled by members of the EC.

For any additional information please contact Nancy Ori, Director at 908-790-8820 or  or Ann Merten at

About The Art Upstairs Gallery:
The Art Upstairs Gallery, located in the balcony lobby of MPAC, showcases visual artists from a variety of disciplines, including watercolor, oils, photography, sculpture and more. Each year, the works of over 200 artists are showcased in group exhibits. Each exhibit hangs from six to eight weeks. Groups that have been showcased include the Essex Watercolor Club, New Jersey Photography Forum, Millburn-Short Hills Art Center and more.

The gallery provides a unique opportunity to marry the visual and performing arts, and to provide exposure to these artists to an audience that may not normally frequent an art gallery.

Artwork is available for purchase. The Gallery is open two hours prior to showtime and by appointment. For more information, please contact Charles Miller at

The Art Upstairs Gallery is a gift of the John and Margaret Post Foundation.

The Starlight Gallery: 
Currently exhibiting: Mike Dziomba, September 6 - November 11
More information:

Artist Statement:
Life is full of complexities and the world seems to be obsessed with being able to multi task. I believe the painting experience allows one to disconnect themselves from this obsession and focus on the task at hand.  For me the painting experience begins with a real life image which seems to reach out and say “capture me”. This image is usually one of a simpler or quiet time. It is the right image if it connects with something in my past or helps to rekindle a fond memory of a place or time. Painting in some ways is  a connection to a simpler time. The painting experience allows me to become totally immersed into the subject matter and there is nothing more satisfying than transcending that image to the canvas.  Coming from a business world of meetings, presentations, budgets and emails, painting affords a concrete sense of accomplishment. There is a tangible result that is visible to everyone and more importantly does not need to be explained, reviewed or justified at a corporate executive meeting. The viewer is allowed to form their own opinions of the painting.

The Starlight Gallery is a gift of Jay and Wendy Birnbaum.

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