The debut U.S. tour of Cuba’s greatest musicians! Drawing their inspiration from traditional Cuban Son, Cuba’s finest musicians exemplify the great traditions of the Cuban people and the extraordinary musical legacy of this island nation.

  • Drawing their inspiration from traditional Cuban Son, Cuba’s greatest musicians have created and maintained the songs and music of the rich culture of the Cuban people in the program, “Cuban Nights.” Staying true to an acoustic base, they have developed a fresh sound with inventive songwriting, and have preserved the traditions of the Cuban musical art form. The Cuban Nights program is representative of the extraordinary musical legacy of this wonderful country. The Havana Cuba All-Stars is a band comprises Cuba’s greatest and most prominent musicians, and is devoted to promoting the entire tapestry of Cuban music. The origin of the Havana Cuba All-Stars began when it was created to exemplify the great musical traditions of the Cuban people. This is the debut tour of Cuba’s greatest musicians in the United States and Canada. 

    The Havana Cuba All-Stars:
    Fito Florian - Spanish Guitar, Tres & Chorus
    Alejandro (Flecha) Albar - Steel Guitar, Tres & Chorus
    Juan Luis (Luz Brillante) Alarcon - Bongos, Cowbell & Cajon
    Vicente Arencibia - Lead Vocal & Congas
    David Echevarria – Lead Vocal, Bongos & Hand Percussion
    Michel (Pata) Salazar - Bass and Chorus
    Camilo Menjura - Chorus, Hand Percussion, Guitar
    Andres V. Valdes - Chorus & Guitar
    Yoan Sanchez - Timbales, Snare, Congas & Percussion
    Eikel Venegas - 2 nd Trumpet & Slide Trombone
    Michel Padron - 1 st Trumpet & Valve Trombone