Enjoy a breathtaking display of traditional and modern Russian folk music and dance, acrobatics, beautiful costumes and culture from this acclaimed dance company that celebrates the diverse heritage of the Dagestan region of Russia.

  • Direct from Moscow, Russia, World Touring brings The Lezginka State Dance Company of Russia with a new program "Dances of our Region", directed and choreographed by Zulumkhan Khanghereiev. The American tour will be dedicated to the company’s 60th anniversary. It will begin in New York on February 9th, 2018 and will end in California on March 25th.

    Since 1958, the Lezginka State Dance Company has performed in numerous countries of Europe, Asia and North America to rave reviews. The return of the Company will follow their successful performances in North America a few years ago. “The performance was electrifying, provoking and enthusiastically received by all in attendance. This was a group of highly trained dancers the likes of which I have never seen… In the first few minutes it became clear that the audience were about to experience one of the most spectacular dance programs ever to be seen in Boston area.” – these are some of the words that were used in a concert review written by The Patriot Ledger of Boston, MA.

    Each concert is a festival of dance, elegance and beauty. The Lezginka Ensemble with its artistic director and choreographer, Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, People’s Artist and winner of State Prize of the Republic of Daghestan, have created a program that brings forth the people’s culture, traditions and high performing mastership in all their brilliance.

    The Lezginka Ensemble offers an extensive program of fiery, temperamental dances of the numerous peoples inhabiting this Mountain Country. Its entire choreographic and music works convey the noble endeavors of the Daghestan people that are treading the highroad of national development in the multinational family of the people of Russia.

    Their upcoming return to the United States will be something special NOT to be missed!