Imagine the grittiness of Stomp and the creativity of Blue Man Group combined with the most unique approach to magic in 50 years! That’s “Materialize!” Drew Thomas presents an innovative theatrical production that doesn’t rely on smoke or mirrors, fancy boxes, or magic cliches…just original illusions that will change your preconception towards magic.

Recommended for ages 7+

  •  Drew Thomas has been seen by over 100 million people worldwide. His recent appearances as a finalist on America's Got Talent, television's #1 rated summer show, have exposed greater and greater audiences to a powerful new brand of magic and theatrical experience: A high-energy production shaped and perfected through more than 6000 live performances.  Drew Thomas' clever use of theatrics, music and magic combine into the perfect blend of full throttle entertainment to engage today's fast paced audiences. One of his favorite responses to his show is "I'm not usually a magic fan, but I love what you do!"  The legion of converts to Thomas' authentic and innovative spin on the world of illusion is growing - just like magic!